Wedding Photos - Bert House - Ireland-99-2

Who: Jessica Rice, beer and baking enthusiast. Current Location: Orange County, CA but will travel for beer …. within reason!

What I do: take photos, review beer events/bars/restaurants, make baked goods and various deserts, etc.

Can I advertise on your blog? Yes, please contact me at for more details

If you would like me to take photos for your or have me cover you event please contact me. I typically will get a press pass for most beer events I attend, but other than that I don’t expect anything to be comped. Press pass events will typically result in either a photo post or full post with review and photos.

If you would like me to come and take photos for your website or business usage please contact me at


1. What camera do you use?

A Canon T3i..with a 28mm lens primarily.

2. Where are you based out of?

Orange, CA