Yesturday, Feb. 21st 2011, will forever go down in history as the day I didn’t get to try Pliney the Younger. Russian River’s Pliney the Younger is a triple hopped IPA and is 11%ABV seasonal beer only realeased in February. Hollingshead Deli in Orange, CA advertised that it will be selling on tap Pliney the Younger and tapping it at 10am on 2/21/2011. I certainly didn’t expect such a large crowd to turnout for this. The line wrapped around the corner and down past Staples. I reluctantly got in line and didn’t know what to expect. One of the owners of Hollingshead came out and told everyone in line that they had enough for everyone to get a taste and they would start serving seconds after the last person in line got a glass. I was hesitant about staying because of how huge the line was, but felt reassured after getting promised a glass. Almost three hours later, me and my boyfriend Sean along with my friend Horton was just about at the front of the door…Finally. We then heard some cheering and yelling from inside. To my utter disappointment, Hollingshead had kicked the keg about 20 people before me. I was pissed. I was sooo pissed. What the hell! I felt so cheated. How did this happen? Why did they say to stay if they couldn’t keep their promise? I know that the reason that this probably happened is that people were having friends and family meet them in line and the line kept growing in the middle instead of at the end. Hollingshead: can I give you a suggesstion for next time? Give out tickets or wristbands for the exact number of pours that come in the keg so people don’t waste half their day off of work for nothing. I still love you Hollingshead, and I love that you are a family-run establishment. I just think things could have been way more organized. To add insult to injury, I went to The Breury Provisions to seek some good flights and they we bascially out of everything except their standard seasonal and year-round beers. We opted to go ahead and get a flight of each, and of course all the obnoxious people around us had just come from Hollingshead and were talking about how awesome Pliney the Younger was and how they got some of the last beers in the keg etc. I was bitter and not in the mood for listening to other people gloat. I vowed to just bite the bullet and go up to Santa Rosa next year and not take my chances. I have been meaning to go up to Russian River since they are right above San Francisco so I might as well fly up there for a few days and visit Lagunitas as well. This was one of the rare losses when I go to a tasting/beer event. Things can only go up from here?