Recently I have really gotten into Avery Brewing Company from Boulder, Colorado. I really enjoyed the duganA I had at Pizza Port in San Clemente not that long ago, and decided to venture into the Avery section at BevMo to indulge my curious mind. I ended-up getting the Collaboration Not Litigation Ale (8.91%ABV 96/100  which was a blend of Russian River’s Salvation and Avery’s Salvation. It was nothing short of amazing! I expected it to be harsh but it wasn’t. It was complex and rich and the flavors were all over the place but harmonious at the same time. Not a beer for the timid drinker! Wanting to try more from Avery, I purchased the Maharaja (10.24%ABV 100/100, 102 IBU’s) and was surprised that it didn’t smack my face off with all the hops it has. This is a dark red/amber beer that has an insane amount of malted barley, which balances the bitter of the hops so well, it is fascinating to this IPA girl. The very predominant citrus/grapefruit quality makes it nice and light, perfect for being a summer seasonal. 

My favorite Avery so far: duganA. It’s a double IPA that is brutally bitter, perfect to eat with chips or my personal favorite: hummus. Avery’s duganA (8.5%ABV 99/100, 93 IBU’s) is surprisingly lower IBU count compared to the Maharaja but it packs much more of a hop face-slap. Needless to say, I am a fan. This is exactly the type of beer I can stand behind. What’s your favorite brewery/beer?