I walked-in to find a quaint tap room with nice amount of seating and I took a seat at the bar. The guy behind the counter was welcoming and offered me some tasters. I had the Citizen and Coulter IPA which were delightful. The Coulter IPA was nice and hoppy without being bitter and it was expertly poured with a nice head. I also tried the Black’s Dawn which I have had before but it’s such an amazing beer I couldn’t help but have it again. It’s a smooth coffee stout which has a medium brown head and at 8%ABV it beer with no real alcohol burn. Not necessarily the lightest of beers, but if you go and visit it’s a must-have because it’s incredible.
Visiting breweries are so much fun but what makes it even better is having someone who is a beer enthusiast who works there. The guy behind the counter (I didn’t get his name) was so nice and me and Sean chatted to him about beer and beer events and breweries for a while. Then, to my delight, one of the owners came in and I got to chat with him for a few minutes. Everyone who I have talked to at Cismontane has been very warm and inviting which just adds to the experience. One of my biggest pet peeves is going to a brewery or bar and having a stuck-up hipster behind the counter who just thinks they’re better than the world. Thanks Cismontane for the lovely afternoon.
They are having an event on Saturday from 12-8pm where they will be releasing their Double Coulter IPA or “Dos Cone Es” which is an 11.5ABV 140 IBU monster. I would like to think I influenced them to make this beer after gushing about how much I love IPA’s to one of the owners but I am pretty sure that they had to brew this beer way before I visited. They only have a few hundred gallons of it so it will be going fast! I will be there with bells.. or maybe just a growler because my Black’s Dawn is almost gone. Hope to see you all there!