When Newport Beach Brewing Company’s Derek Bougie told me there was a new brewery opening in Orange I was excited to have a new place to visit right in my backyard. Shocked that I hadn’t heard about it, I trolled the internet for some research to find OC Register had written an article about their grand opening here and decided I needed to stop by.


They are located right across the street from Santiago Canyon College’s Education Center off Batavia Street in Orange, CA in a nondescript business park. They have a small sign out front, and a relaxed atmosphere inside. There is tables and chairs for people to sit and taste their beer as well as a club-reminiscent lighted bar in the center of the room. I did like the fact that the bar was curved so you are more invited to talk to your neighbor than you would at a standard straight shaped bar.


The beers were way better than I had expected. There was only 3 different kinds on tap: Steet Fair Kolsch-Stle Ale (4.5% ABV), Old Dummy American Strong Ale (9.3% ABV), and Cannon Ball IPA (7.0% ABV). I got the tasters so I could try everything and I noted that the beers in general were exceptional. The Street Fair beer was clean and light, perfect for the summer. My favorite was the Cannon Ball IPA which had a nice hop flavor with a hint of grapefruit and citrus. The Old Dummy was a close second with its striking red color.


The most interesting thing was how clear the beers were. I said that to Co-Owner Jerry Nine who was bartending and he said that the system they purchased makes exceptionally clear beer. They eventually plan on having more beers on tap, and I can’t wait to see what they make next.


Overall, OOB is off to a great start. Nine said they have been packed on Fridays and Saturdays with lines out the door. I was lucky to stop by late in the day on Sunday when there was a smaller crowd and I had a chance to chat and hang out. I will be back soon, and next time I will get a growler fill.


Check out their Facebook page here!