My sister was in town and we decided to spend the day in Pasadena. Besides the awful parking prices ($20 for 1 hour?!) we managed to find a spot and headed to stop number 1.

  1. Haven Gastropub – Pasadena: The inside of Haven Pasadena was gorgeous. There was exposed brick, leather, and copper, everything that would make for a fantastic neighborhood hangout. The big windows and skylights make this place inviting yet cool. It’s ok that we wanted a beer at noon on a lovely Saturday afternoon, said the décor. No judgment here. The beer list was on massive LCD screens (convenient for updates) and I ended-up ordering the Holiday Sucks Lagunitas beer. Although, I promptly gave them crap for listing it as a strong ale on their board because it’s clearly a double ipa. It says so on the label! The food was excellent. I had the flatbread with squash, goat cheese, mustard greens and crispy panchetta. I love how the squash looked like cheese because it fools your mind while eating it.Sean fell in love with the pork rillettes appetizer, which was like cured pork that has the texture of tuna, served in a mason jar with sourdough bread and mustard. He also got the Haven burger, which was good but messy. The beer selection was impressive and the food was on-point so keep it up Haven Pasadena!
  2. Lucky Baldwin’s – Sean and I haven’t been here before but this was on our “beer bucket list” of places to visit. I have to say, it didn’t disappoint. They had a large list of beers at good prices and the atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable.If I lived in Pasadena, I am sure this would be our weekly spot. I got to have a 2005 Old Guardian by Stone Brewing Co. while I was there…who the hell still has that on their menu at a decent price no less?! Why aren’t the owner’s hording that away in some crazy cellar to save for a high roller or something? Beer-geek-out moments aside, I think another trip to Lucky Baldwin’s is in order, if not to just get one of their awesome beer glasses for my collection.
  3. Venturing astray from Pasadena, we descended upon Eagle Rock Brewery – Eagle Rock is not the easiest place to find, especially if you are not familiar with LA. Once we discovered the location, we leaped out of the car and happily skipped to Eagle Rock. Eagle Rock Brewery not only met my expectations, but exceeded them by a mile. The freakin’ prices were so damn good! I footed the bill for me and my beer buddies, Mark and Christy Henry (brother and sister) and Sean and Seth (my sister’s boyfriends’ brother) and it only came to $50 and we each had 2 beers. Each beer was $5 in case you’re bad at math. Not only are the prices amazing, but the beer was so good. I had a cask beer which didn’t change the price, and enjoyed every bit of that beer. Bonus – they had some breathtaking bottles for sale in a small standing refrigerator where we procured some Evil Twin bottles. Sean made a girlish scream when he saw Evil Twin. It was so cute.
  4. Lastly we went to Wurstküche Restaurant for some sausages. I have been there before when it was busy, but it was soooo busy on a Saturday night. No matter, we waited in line, found some fun “Man Beast” signs to photograph, and chatted until we could order. I ordered the rattlesnake with peppers and truffle oil fries. It was divine, as I had expected. I think my nostalgic side loves the writing on the paper table cloths the best. They are equipped with a small yet impressive Belgian beer selection to make any beer geek happy while stuffing sausages in their mouth. Yes, I just made a sausages-in-mouth reference, you are so welcome.