This was my first year attending the OC Beer Society Chili Cook-off and Bottle Share and I must say, well done! It was held on a Sunday at Peace Brewing in Anaheim. Peace Brewing is actually the famous home brewer Bradley Daniels’ home brewery and bar fashioned out of his attached garage. It’s extremely impressive and hard to describe to someone who hasn’t been there. It’s everything a home brewer could ever dream of having? Does that successfully cover the ridiculousness amazing grandiosity of it? Probably not.

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A slightly hot, lovely sunny Sunday afternoon at Bradley’s house was oh so much fun. The different chili’s were great and so unique in their own right. Some were more loose and some were thick, some were really hot and some were savory and sweet. I personally like a little heat in my chili and I consequentially picked Greg’s from OC Beer Blog  to win and he won!


The bottle share was impressive. Little sips and tastes of so many wonderful beers carefully plucked from impressive beer geek cellars floated around the crowd of people discussing and laughing. I mentioned to Sean, my fiance, how well behaved and non-drunk everyone seemed to be considering how much high ABV beers were getting passed around. It was really mellow and inspired, which leads me to believe that everyone there had a good handle on their limits and how to handle their alcohol. It helps that Bradley had constant water getting filled at every table. I know, the water was mainly to clean the glasses between beer sips but everyone was appreciative. It’s crazy how the little things make such a big difference at events. It’s all in the details!


Cheers to Bradley and his fantastic wife, and OC Beer Society for putting on the event. I hope everyone enjoyed my beer macarons and I hope to see you all at the next event!

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