Creative Outlet Studios in Costa Mesa, CA hosted a coasters and cozies night on March 15th in celebration of the (then) upcoming St. Paddy’s Day. Even though St. Paddy’s day is now over, I will cherish my DIY coasters. I happen to be a fan of them on facebook and was invited to the event. I was really intriguing on making my own coasters and cozies because I happen to be a bit of a coaster hoarder. Ask my friends or fiance, they will confirm this.

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We arrived to Creative Outlet Studios and was greeted by a warm atmosphere, snacks and wine. Lauren, a co-owner of Creative Outlet, greeted us and we settled in on the large work table and started to cut circles for the coasters. We used this cool blue and lime green material that feels like leather but is this aqua-marine material that is made to withstand water and moisture.

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We cut the circles out and then either taped them together or glued them so we could sew them along the edges. You then had the option to use embroidering thread to close up the edges and make the finished product more polished (I opted to keep it the way it was without the embroidering thread). I didn’t actually get around to making the cozie (I was too busy taking pictures and chatting with new friends) but they were really cute! While we were there we drank some Speakeasy Betrayal 8.2%ABV and Yeastie Boys Pot Kettle Black 6.0%ABV which were both really great. The Betrayal is an imperial red with malty flavors and intense red color while the Pot Kettle Black is a dark IPA balanced with coffee and chocolate notes which made for a really great beer overall.

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We met Gena from Bake All The Things and got to take home a box of her slutty brownies. I haven’t tried them yet but the concept of cookie dough, oreo cookies and brownies all in one bar are very creative and interesting. It seems so rich and indulgent, that’s for sure. She sells her baked goods on Etsy, you should check her out.

All in all, it was a lovely evening. The crafting and conversations were so enjoyable I can’t wait for the next event!

Visit Creative Outlet Studio’s facebook page here. Like their page!

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