brewcakesritualandhangarfantasticmanday-3I went to Brewcakes on a sunny Saturday afternoon with my fiance Sean and my brother Seth. It was located in a small shopping center, a few minutes away from the freeway. As we pulled-up, we saw the bright green Brewcakes sign and headed in to the quaint little bakery. Upon first glance, it’s obvious that they are still in the process of re-decorating but that didn’t really detract from the charm. Since I follow them on Facebook, I know they just installed the bar in preparation for serving craft beer but sadly they haven’t been fully approved when we went to visit.

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The inside has little hints of antique and vintage appeal so it seems to be going in the right direction. I love Edison bulbs, so that was nice to see. I also appreciated the airplane touch, since that’s a running theme of Redlands.

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We ordered a few sliders and a salad. Sean got the “B3” which was beef slow cooked in beer with crispy bacon and cheese and Seth got the “Chicken Sausage” which was a chicken sausage patty with peppers and a spicy aioli. I got the “Redlands Salad” with mixed greens, dried cranberries, almonds, cucumbers, oranges and balsamic vinaigrette. The sliders were really panini’s and they were good and the flavors were satisfying. The salad was a large portion, but fresh and light.

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We had a variety of desserts. Brewcakes are known for baking with beer so it’s right up my alley. They specialize in cupcakes baked with beer. They have several different options like a Irish stout cake with a Kahlua buttercream, or a brown ale cake with a caramel buttercream, etc. Their signature is to serve these cupcakes in little paper cups with an ice cream scoop of frosting and all the frostings they make are buttercream. To me, I prefer my cupcakes in the standard cupcake wrapper and not so much frosting, but buttercream is my favorite of all frosting options so kudos to that! The novelty of the paper cups are cute, and you could recognize their cupcakes instantly over others so that branding is smart.

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The creme puffs are adorable and tasty. They were chilled so it was a nice cool sweet dessert to finish our meal with. They weren’t overly sweet. The little cover of chocolate hardened in the fridge, and gave this lovely snap that is just oh-so-gratifying. The little cups with the layers of cookies or brownies with pudding or creme were really pretty. The visual appeal of getting to see all the layers was really pleasant. Seth ate the peanut butter cup one with the IPA shortbread with peanut moose and chocolate ganache. He said it was very good.

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You can find Brewcakes at most craft beer events or you can visit their website here. Cheers 🙂

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