This last weekend we celebrated the 2nd Anniversary of OC Beer Blog at Noble Ale Works in Anaheim,CA. The writer/owner of OC Beer Blog is my good buddy Greg Nagel who I met by chance at Cismontane some time ago. He is a blast to be around and he just happens to be an amazing writer. Honestly, he kinda puts my writing to shame but I still love him anyways.

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Greg’s blog covers the gambit surrounding craft beer and he recently has begun expanding beyond his blog to other writing mediums like Beer Paper LA (newspaper) and The West Coaster (magazine). It seems that people have started to notice his talent and have started to appreciate his writing like the rest of us.

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His anniversary party included a special beer he brewed with Evan, the head brewer at Noble, called “Nagel’s Number 2” which is fitting in more ways than one. It fits because it’s his 2nd anniversary and it also fits Greg’s sense of humor. The beer is a 12% ABV stout on nitro that was delicious. It was really well done.

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The band that played was Slaves Against The Machine and they were a Rage Against The Machine cover band. They killed it. They were so close to the original it was pretty hard to tell them apart. I love Rage so it was pretty awesome.

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Congrats to Greg and cheers to many more years writing!

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