Eric and Jonny

Eric and Jonny

“Strange Brew…Now what you gonna do?”Cream’s “Strange Brew” lyrics dance in my mind when I think about I&I Brewing in Chino, Ca. The place is tiny and located in a nondescript business park and are brewing quite possibly the most creative and inventive beers that I have tasted recently. Surprising and unassuming in a random row of office suites lies your next beer destination.

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I am the type of person who will go the extra mile to visit a rumored amazing beer spot and Chino was just 20-30 minutes away from my home base. I have traveled a lot farther before so I took the chance and visited I&I Brewing with Sean on a random Saturday during the golden hour of the early evening and it was magical. The place was seriously small but didn’t lack any charm.

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When you walk-in there is a small bar with a long string of taps to deliver the glorious beers to your glass. The taps are built with a wooden backing that folds down to attach to the kegs in the long refrigerator unit hiding behind the wall. The three chalkboards list the different beers you can order in a taster size or in a pint glass. Behind the bar is the brewery which is basically a small batch system that allows the brewers to make as much or as little of any beer they want. It allows them to constantly change and experiment without fear of product loss or failure.

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I know, you want to hear about the beer I keep hyping-up. Well, they offer several amazing beers but one that sticks-out in my mind as the most provocative is the Tzatziki Saison. This beer is made with a lot of cucumber, lemon, and a little bit of dill and pours cloudy and a medium yellow color with a little head. It’s so damn tasty. It was light and refreshing the drink-ability on this beer was insane. Of course, they also have their flagship beer that they are most known for: Dripp Imperial Stout. I made cherry tea cakes with this beer and they were wonderful.

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The employees I met there (Eric Millspaugh and Jonny Foster) were very welcoming and informative. We chatted about beer until closing time and when we left it felt like we were leaving a friend’s house rather than a business. I highly recommend checking them out!

Facebook page

14175 Telephone Avenue, Suite J

Chino, California 91710

(909) 591-3915

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