Hi there! It seems like recently my blog has been getting featured by other websites (I noticed because of the link referral traffic) and I couldn’t be more flattered! I haven’t spoken to these websites, besides my thanks for the feature, so I had no idea.


1. Food Republic

Link to the feature: http://www.foodrepublic.com/2013/08/29/new-blog-obsession-beer-baking

Food republic is a website dedicated to the culture of food in all aspects of life. It’s a very professional-looking website that reads more like a magazine and is visually stunning. A quote from the article:

“Sometimes we come across a food blog so good we have to blow it up. Not like “sabotage the website out of jealousy,” but rather “let you know there’s a great blog dedicated to baking with the ultimate ingredient: beer.” Okay, enough with the quotes. Beer and Baking is an expertly curated collection of cookies, cakes, tarts, bars, pies, cupcakes, scones, breads (deep breath) crackers, something called “doughnut balls” — basically, you can bake anything with beer. This is the indisputable proof.”


2. Animal Gourmet

Link to the feature: http://www.animalgourmet.com/2013/09/02/cerveza-hasta-en-la-sopa/#axzz2e306HCu1

Animal Gourmet is an information portal that enjoys food, but we are also convinced that the food is a cross-cutting issue that unites people, cultures and countries, other disciplines are also of interest. That is according to their website. It’s originally in Spanish so it’s translated to English version isn’t always completely understandable.
“Today everyone is talking about beer. Handmade, homemade, new brands, special chefs, the growth of small breweries and their fight against the huge, all around gives beer to talk . To make the issue bigger, and expand knowledge in this area, we invite you to cook with beer. Learn to make cookies, for example, with a beer batter recipe stout with sugar , delicious cinnamon rolls with a light beer or souffle with pistachio beer. In fact, the latter already tried it and was successful, yes, it maridamos with Mexican beer, of course.”

I find it incredibly flattering that I was thought-of to feature on these sites. Sometimes you just don’t know if what you are doing is worth it, or if people actually read/appreciate what you are doing. A food/photography blog I follow, Love.Life.Eat, recently wrote about how important it is to have integrity in what you are making because people spend money to try and re-create your recipes and I respect that. Everything I feature is what you see, taken with my Canon T3i, and then usually eaten by my family or fiance’s co-workers. I agree that there is a lot of stimulation in the food world and it’s easy to get sucked-in to the pintrest photos of beautiful desserts that just don’t turn out right. I am happy to hear that some people out there love this blog because it fills my heart with validation and the push to do bigger and better things for the reader.