Single Hop DTSA (1)

Looking for something fun to do the day before Valentine’s Day? From the minds of Beers In Paradise and Food Beast, comes the best single’s party event you will attend since that awkward speed dating lunch you went to with your co-workers, the Single Hop DTSA Beer Hop!

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The idea is you can purchase a flight ticket, and basically hop from location to location in DTSA and get a delicious single hop beers and maybe meet a new single friend. Sounds great, right? It’s $20 and you can pre-purchase the tickets here. The locations participating are: The Good Beer Company, Native Son’s Alehouse, C4 Deli, The Copper Door, and 4th Street Market. The event goes from 6pm to 10pm on Friday, Feb. 13th. I hope to see you all there! While I myself am not single, I will be bringing a few of my single friends out with me so be sure to flag me down so I can embarrass them with introductions.

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