I’ve never jumped into any wedding photography, besides casually shooting as a guest. As for posed engagement shots, I’ve never done that before either. When I was asked to shoot some pics for my friend Andrea (who you may recognize from previous posts where she’s the Chef doing pop-up beer dinners for The Culinary Underground), I of course said yes! It was especially exciting to learn she wanted to visit a few breweries and thus the beergagement photo shoot began.

We started off in LA, getting to Mumford Brewing right when they opened at noon to shoot some pics in their minimal and beautiful taproom. I’ve never been to Mumford before and I really liked the feel there. It was reminiscent of Seattle for me, with the factory windows that opened all the way, allowing the crisp cool air to flow through the taproom. We all really liked the beers we had, my favorite was the Sorachi Ace Saison. We shot some fun pics there, then moved on to have lunch at the Grand Central Market where we had some tasty BBQ and beers at Horse Thief BBQ.




We then shot at The Last Bookstore to get those romantic surrounded by books pics, and a cute group shot. We went to a few other places, but no pics were taken.


The second half of the shoot was in San Francisco, where we flew up just for the day. First stop was the historic ferry building, where we picked-up some cones of meat from Boccalone and went outside to shoot some cute pics by the water. Who knew pics of rings with meat cones was so adorable? There’s a first for everything…haha.


Next stop was the Mikkeller bar, where we tasted some beer, had some food, and got to shoot the sour room and other spots around the bar. The beer was amazing, they had so many fantastic options to choose from. The one I remember as being the most interesting was the spontanwatermelon, it was tart and really funky. It was quite impressive how they served every beer at the proper temp, and their menu made it easy to decide on what beer you want based on the temp you preferred. So smart.


After Mikkeller, we walked towards Cellermaker Brewing Co. but it was too early for them to be open so we had some coffee at this adorable little bakery/coffee place next door called Vive la tarte. We fell in love with the lofty, industrial-chic vibe and shot some impromptu pics there as well. After one of the most wonderful coffee experiences ever, we went to Cellermaker to get the last shots of the day. This ended-up being my favorite spot, and my favorite pics from the whole shoot. The beers were cloudy, but not in a bad way, and even though I might not be a huge IPA person (because I tend to be picky, and have a problem with Cascade hops) their IPAs were juicy and delicious. I loved everything we had there, and it was decided that if we were locals, this would be our typical place we would hang out. Overall, minus almost missing our flight home, it was a really fun day trip to SF and I am happy to be able to share all the pics with you guys! Where would you go for your beergagement photo shoot?