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Noble’s Anniversary party is one of my most favorite to attend every year. With so many anniversary celebrations to attend, picking the best ones are getting increasingly difficult. For me, the reasons why I love Noble’s event so much is: The live music comprised of local brewery employees, the delicious beers and punches and cocktails, getting to see all my beer homies and make new friends, and the epic people watching.

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  1. The Beer: Evan Price is really a master of his craft, and that is the craft of craft beer. Along with his fantastic team of hard-working individuals, Noble is able to corner the market on several niche styles like IPA’s, English-style ales, beer punches, some of the most sought-after nitro beers, delicious shandies and gose’s, etc. Winning the sought-after LA IPA award two years in a row, and this year winning a bronze metal at GABF for their IPA’s was not a mistake because they make some of the most drinkable, and well-balanced IPA’s I’ve ever had. In my humble opinion, they crush the IPA category, and are able to produce some of my tip top favorite IPA’s of all time. I still think about the Messenger with Yuzu they did with Three Weavers.Noble's 5th Anniversary-78Noble's 5th Anniversary-3Noble's 5th Anniversary-4
  2. The Live Music: The bands were all really fun to watch. The light-hearted music was fun for everyone to watch their favorite head brewers and beertenders play a cover of their favorite song.  I really enjoyed watching Jeff Monig of The Bruery sing, he was electric. Evan and Brad of Noble rapping was the cherry on top of an already decadent afternoon.

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  3. The Punches/Cocktails: In previous years, they’ve had some really great cocktails made with beer but more recently it seems like punches are where it’s at, and they make some damn fine ones. I tried all the different ones they had to offer, and my favorite was the Oh Yeahhhhhh! that had cool aid mix in it. Toss my shame into the wind, because this was the tits and I don’t care who knows it. I went back for seconds.Noble's 5th AnniversaryNoble's 5th Anniversary-58Noble's 5th Anniversary-45
  4. The People Watching: Noble seems to attract a very eclectic crowd on a regular basis, so their Anniversary was weird on steroids. There is always the Rob Zombie Doppelganger, the way too drunk couple, the awkward PDA, the tongue wagging in unison, the general revelry that I’ve come to expect and love from Noble events. Overall, it’s a really good time and I always love getting those lowered-inhibition photos towards the end of the day. There always ends-up being photos I can’t share, but I am convinced that someday I will have an NSFW gallery event where all my deep and dark archives will see the light of day to the horror of a few. You know who you are.

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It was a super fun event, and I cant’ wait to attend again next year. It’s become a beloved tradition for me and my good friends so join me next year and be apart of the fun times. Cheers!

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