Burger Parlor Edited-3

The Burger Parlor opened in Old Towne Orange, in a great location next to the Haven Provisions, Pizza Press, Pie Hole, and à la minute. I was impressed to see their dedication to having good craft beer on tap. Similarly, Pizza Press has a nice selection of craft beer, so it’s a smart competitive move. The consumer is the ultimate winner, where the question “where do you want to go for dinner” isn’t followed with the debate of whether the beer selection is good or not.

Managing to keep that old school diner charm with the leather bar stools and Sputnik lights, the Burger Parlor seems to have a promising future. With the open kitchen, you can watch the chefs make your food, my favorite part is when they toss the fries with salt.

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I tried the classic burger with the “half and half” side where you can get a little bit of fries and a little bit of onion rings, which is perfect for someone like me who likes both. Sean got “The Orange Plaza” which is the parmesan grilled sourdough bun, smoked bacon, fontina cheese, caramelized onions, mushrooms, arugula, and chipotle aioli. He also gt the “Plaza Fries” which is housemade chili cheese fries with secret sauce and caramelized onions. I really liked the way the burgers were done, with that “backyard bbq” feel to it, it tastes very well made. Nothing was bad, but I might not get the plaza fries again, it was kinda messy. Those onion rings – will be forever craved. They have this solid batter that is thick and crunchy, and the onion doesn’t pull from the batter making it easy to bite through. I would gladly eat those onion rings again. I did also get the opportunity to try the milkshakes, which as much as I am not a milkshake person I did indulge in for a few sips. It was seriously decadent. I would recommend checking them out and deciding for yourself! Let me know what you thought 🙂

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