OC Brew Ha Ha 2017-9

I had a blast at this year’s OC Brew Ha Ha! It was the first time the weather was super mild, and it made me very happy not to be a sweaty mess. In addition to great weather, the overall vibe was chill – partially due to the event not being over crowded. Most of the booths had little to no lines (minus Bottle Logic, where I couldn’t get a break in those damn lines for a beer) so we were able to bounce around the event and try most of everything relatively quickly.

OC Brew Ha Ha 2017-16OC Brew Ha Ha 2017-17OC Brew Ha Ha 2017-14

Overall it was a great time. The corndog from Viking truck was satisfying as hell. The VIP area had some really interesting beers (rare beers, sours, etc.).  I am really late getting this review out there, so most of the details are already covered. I’ll just leave the pics here for your enjoyment!

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