I was excited to try a new brewing company and a new porter. It has a rich smooth texture with a very dark color. Floral notes of caramel and nutty smells. I am a huge HUGE fan of cacao nibs. I use them in baking all the time and I was wondering why the hell no one has used them in beer yet since it brings the flavor of dark chocolate and a nutty-ness that’s unique to cacao nibs. Good for Black Diamond for using it in their porter. The vanilla bean flavor is obvious. I like the idea of having local beers, just because the money goes in to my neighbors pocket not some corporate jackal. Concord is not super local since they are in Northern California but I count anything in California as local to me. My friend Adam and his dog Chloe modeled in my photos for everyone. I would also like to note that the reviews on BeerAdvocate.com are particularly harsh regarding this beer. I liked it. Maybe they just don’t know what cacao nibs taste and smell like so they can’t apprechiate it? Giving this beer a C rating? Really? The same rating that Coors has? Come on, people. Seriously. What the hell.