Taco Asylum was a must for me. The owners of Haven Gastropub opened Taco Asylum not that long ago and I even have a friend who started working in the kitchen. I love LOVE Haven Gastropub. I have been there probably more than 10 times and I will go back again and again. The food is amazing and the beer draft list is always good. They always manage to have something new I haven’t tried yet on the list. I went to Taco Asylum with my sister who’s boyfriend worked in the kitchen of Haven and has been dying to go to Taco Asylum. It was awesome. A little dead in terms of crowd but it was 4pm on a Monday so what can you expect? I tried the Ghost Chili Pork Taco, Short Ribs Taco, Pork Belly Taco and Mushroom Taco. The Ghost Chili Taco was really really hot. I needed an extra beer to wash it down but it was a good burn. It had pork cracklings on top with the chili strings. The pork belly taco had a Banh Mi type toppings with the carrots and onion and cilantro which was the perfect compliment to the pork belly which was a little salty and matched really well with the sweet carrots. The short ribs taco was amazing. The pickled onions and crumbled cheese and salsa verde was my favorite. The mushroom taco was good as well. It had a lovely earthy smell that reminds me of the truffle oil that I put on my potatoes. The fried chickpeas was a nice touch. The chips were good as well, which was to be expected since Haven’s known for their chips as an appetizer. What a lovely Monday. Not to mention that I had an awesome Craftsman Hefe and Humboldt Brown beer with an O’Haras Stout and Oskar Blues Gubna. Tastes of them at least. I will be back!