No, I am not intentionally going to foodie-places on Mondays, it’s just a coincidence. Rooney’s lovely girlfriend Ali “Pretty Face” Winston had planned another surprise attack for his birthday weekend, which was a trip to Wurstkuche in LA. I was very excited to go to a new place, especially since the yelp reviews were so good. Hooray for almost no traffic at 7pm driving from Orange! Off to a good start. As we waited for the rest of the group in the small front ordering room, the smell of fries was almost too much to bear in anticipation. I ordered the Alligator, Pork and Smoked Andouille Sausage with hot peppers and onions. Oddly enough, Rooney ordered the exact same thing and I had no idea! Sean ordered the Austin Blues (spicy pork) and the Louisiana Hot Link (which was hot and spicy beef and pork). We also got a large (it wasn’t really that large) fries with the truffle oil and chipotle aioli and chipotle ketchup. My Alligator was soo good, and since I watch the food network way too much I new that Alligator is not gamey but mild lean meat so it wasn’t really that brave of me to get it. The fries are to die for, probably fried four times because they were just that crispy. For drinks I got the Van De Keizer Belgian strong ale (at 10%ABV) which was oddly sweet and really not what I wanted to go with the meal. Sean got the St. Bernardus ABT 12 (which I was going to get but not wanting to get two of the same) which is a Belgian quadruple 10.5%ABV taste of loveliness. I knew I should’ve ordered the La Chouffe! We had way too much fun writing on the tables, as you can tell from the pictures, and I will be back. I just wish it wasn’t in LA! I stole all the pictures from my talented friend Ali Winston. You should go look at her blog and subscribe to it!