Going to Cismontane is like hanging out at your buddies house because it is so warm and inviting. They celebrated their 3rd Anniversary a little while ago and I attended with Sean and a few of my friends met-up with us for a few beers. They expanded to the tasting room so there is a little more seating along with more space to brew. Regardless of the additional seating, it was still packed. But, I expected it to be busy. We managed to find some seating relatively quickly in the corner so I could be free to snap photos without my hands full.

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Garlic Scapes food truck was there and while I didn’t eat the seductive garlic fries, I did smell it all around me. It smelled delicious.

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I got to have a vertical tasting of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Anniversary beers and I must confess the 3rd Anniversary(9%ABV) belgian strong ale was my favorite. It had wonderful belgian aroma with a rich coppery color. That’s one dangerous beer because it’s strong and smooth. With just a hint of spiciness the drinkability can sneak-up on you.

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Cheers to Cismontane and here’s to several more years of your fantastic beers.

My blogger buddy also did a write-up you might like here. He’s hilarious and a fantastic writer. Cheers!