I have an intense love/hate relationship with Redlands, CA. I hate that it’s so far from me (I live in Orange, CA so that’s 1-2 hours depending on traffic) and sometimes the heat can be unbearable. I love that it’s progressing into a very fun and interesting place to visit. Hangar 24 peaks your interest but it’s up to the local food and other attractions to really lure you to make the trip.

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Luckily with the quaint downtown area and places to eat like Romano’s and Eureka Burger it’s becoming worth the trip and traffic headache. The latest addition to the list is Ritual Brewing Company. I was already aware of them because I have seen them at beer events and *spoiler alert* already knew their beer was good. I was particularly fond of their Little Oat and Extra Red beers. It’s nice when people just get stuff right and make solid beers, ya know?

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We descended on Redlands on a Saturday to show support for Hangar at Romano’s but I insisted on going to Ritual so I could shoot some photos and visit the tasting room. Let me just say, it didn’t disappoint. The building is a discreet extremely new-looking office building in a business park across from a farming field..only in Redlands. The door adorns the Ritual logo and once inside you are enveloped by how big the space is. I am used to small nano-breweries like Cismontane and Old Orange Brewing Company but this space was huge. A very large brewing and storage area with an off-set tasting space with long wooden tables with bar stools.

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We ordered some beers and grabbed our seats. After a few minutes, I realized the tables were re-purposed bowling lanes. At least, that’s what I thought they were. Anyhow, it was freaking rad. After snapping a few photos we settled-in for a few beers. Being that I already had the Extra Red and Little Oat I ordered the Tafelbier or Table Beer which was delicious. It’s a Belgian-style Enkel, meaning “Single”. This is an ale rarely, if ever, brewed on the West Coast, let alone America. I loved this beer. It’s 4.5%ABV and had wonderful fruity esters while having a biscuty mouth feel and a dry finish. I could drink this beer all summer long.

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Congrats to Ritual and their fantastic start. I hope to continue to see great beers from you in the future. Cheers!

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