A little while ago I went to 38 Degrees Alehouse in Alhambra, CA for their Anniversary party. I have never been to 38 degrees so it was a nice treat to go somewhere new. I loved walking-up to the place and getting to soak-up all the wonderful downtown Alhambra ambiance. The wood, brick, and old-school charm really resonates with one’s soul.

38degreesandluckybaldwinsandschooners 38degreesandluckybaldwinsandschooners-3 38degreesandluckybaldwinsandschooners-2

Walking  into 38 degrees, it was busy. We managed to find seating on the small and narrow smoking patio and delegated someone to the task of fighting to get beer tasters from the Herculean tap list at the very crowded bar. Some notable beers we tasted was Templeton Three by Eagle Rock, Oak Aged Bretta by Logsdon Farmhouse Ales, Six Killer Stout by IronFire, and URSA Minor by Craftsman Brewing Co. The oak aged bretta by Logsdon was wonderful and light with a slight note of oak and the URSA was a lighter sour ale that was just so impressive.

38degreesandluckybaldwinsandschooners-7 38degreesandluckybaldwinsandschooners-6 38degreesandluckybaldwinsandschooners-5 38degreesandluckybaldwinsandschooners-8

I will have to come back to 38 when they are not so busy and try the food. I was really impressed with the bar service and the patrons were very patient and understanding with everyone clamoring for beers.


Hop Heads!

38degreesandluckybaldwinsandschooners-14 38degreesandluckybaldwinsandschooners-9 38degreesandluckybaldwinsandschooners-12 38degreesandluckybaldwinsandschooners-11

After 38 degrees we went over to Lucky Baldwins in Pasadena for some food and beers before heading to Beer Belly. The chips and beers at Lucky Baldwins were outstanding as per usual.

38degreesandluckybaldwinsandschooners-16 38degreesandluckybaldwinsandschooners-18 38degreesandluckybaldwinsandschooners-21 38degreesandluckybaldwinsandschooners-25





Not wanting to be full before Beer Belly, we left in search of more food. Once we arrived at Beer Belly we indulge in bacon, and fried catfish, and deep fried pop tarts and oreos. Pair that with outstanding taps and it was just heavenly. Beer Belly should rename their restaurant to Heaven because that’s really what it is. It’s a little slice of Heaven in LA. Now, if they could just make their food be 0 calories then it would really be heaven.


View from Beer Belly’s new patio!

38degreesandluckybaldwinsandschooners-37 38degreesandluckybaldwinsandschooners-45 38degreesandluckybaldwinsandschooners-42 38degreesandluckybaldwinsandschooners-50 38degreesandluckybaldwinsandschooners-32

The day after this LA extravaganza, we went to Schooners on Sunset in Seal Beach for the La Beer Bloggers event. While I didn’t actually get to meet anyone new because I was late (thanks day before) and was in the wrong place of the bar for an hour, it was really fun. The beers were great and Aloha Radio was playing some great reggae music. I did get to meet some awesome Beer Paper LA people afterward at Beachwood BBQ in Long Beach for some food and good times. It was truly a fantastic weekend of good people, good food, and of course, great beers.

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