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The shakoolie shower can holder provides a study vehicle for shower beers to flourish.


From the website:

Shakoolie is built on a simple principle—don’t let a little thing like showering get in the way of drinking beers. Shakoolie lets you enjoy your favorite canned beverages in the shower.


For us, the shower beer started during our college years. Trips to the shower room meant a plastic shower caddy stocked with shampoo, body wash and, of course, a fresh, cold beer. But once in the shower, bending over and excess water led to a less than desirable experience—so we set out to fix that.


What we have come up with creates convenience and quality in your shower beverage experience. We know because we strive for that top-notch shower beer experience every time and have become avid users of the Shakoolie ourselves.

I have used this so far for a month and it seems to maintain the stickiness and sturdiness.

Be sure to visit their website and get one!

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