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After a very eventful trip to the Cliffs of Moher, we traveled down the road to the next seaside town to stop for food and a few beers. We passed by the famed Lahinch golf course which is riddled with mini grassy hills and looked like the world’s hardest golf course and settled in the little town of Lahinch. We parked the car and since the fog had broken and the sun started shinning (really, now you shine? Right after we leave the cliffs?!) we walked to the lookout to take a few pictures. There was green cliffs that broke way to the rolling waves that crashed upon large dark rocks. On top of a distant hill there was horses, and I am filled with happiness. I am so lucky to be in such a beautiful place.

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We walked down a small hill to reach the town and explored the shoreline. We settled on the Corner Stone for dinner. The place was a dark stone pub with kitschy ads on the walls and a decent tap selection. We enjoyed our fish and chowder and beers and once we were full we walked back to the car and drove the 2-3 hour drive back to Athy. Lahinch was an adorable town with fantastic views of the ocean and I couldn’t help but wish I had stayed there for the night. It was just another wonderful, quaint Irish town that fills your heart with satisfaction.

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