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Sometimes it feels like I hear about a new brewery opening almost every week now, but the seemingly high-speed momentum of the craft beer industry doesn’t scare me – it is invigorating. Every new place I visit is a chance to meet new passionate craft beer lovers and try unique beers. For every new brewery that opens, I see it as an opportunity to push the industry standards to a higher level and most economists will tell you that competition is a good thing. One of the newest Southern California breweries to open is Artifex Brewing Company, located at 919 Calle Amanecer close to the well-known Rainbow Sandals Outlet Store in San Clemente.

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With limited beers on tap, they have the basics available with their Lager, Wheat Pale and IPA. Just for kicks, they have their Lager also available on Nitro. I am not ashamed to say that I actually really enjoyed the Nitro Lager. I am a Nitro fangirl, I know! But in all honesty, both were delicious and it really hit the spot when combating the hot and sticky summer weather. We also got to try some of their beers from the bright tank, namely the Hibiscus Cream Ale that tasted like hibiscus with floral notes and hints of citrus notes. It’s like they got in my brain and just knew I love hibiscus beers. Creepy…

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Artifex co-owners Tim Cordato, his son, Nicholas, John Johur and Chris Gort have managed to create a beautiful space with subtle but impactful design elements. The different colors of the hand-stained wood panels that decorate the back wall of the bar, the windows that peel-back to create a social bar space while encouraging the coastal winds to cool the open taproom down, and the custom wood benches and tables that line the patio really matter to a patron. With the saturation levels of available breweries continuing to rise, the more these things matter. No longer will breweries be able to get away with crappy beer or a junky taproom when there are local options who have both! Artifex understands this and shows promise for the future. They are so promising in fact, they are looking to expand already into neighboring lots to continue to supply a hand-crafted product no matter if it’s beer or (possibly) food. Keep up with them on facebook to find out more!

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If you visit them, let me know what your thoughts are. Cheers!

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