oc brew ha ha 2013-7

If you read this blog you know how much I love the OC Brew Ha Ha event every year. I have been a loyal attendee since the 2nd Annual event in 2011 (wow..has it really been that long?!) and you can find my posts about the 3rd Annual (2012) and 4th Annual (2013) events informative and a fun gauge of how far I’ve come in blogging and photography. Mostly photography…I don’t think my writing style has changed much.

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Every year this event is one of the most fun, well-organized, highly anticipated event among craft beer lovers in the so cal area. They manage to keep upping the ante and I can’t wait to see what the Brew Ha Ha team has dreamt up this year. Here are some details:

Saturday, September 6th at Oak Canyon Park off Santiago Canyon, CA.

* UNLIMITED TASTINGS!  (New for 2014)
* 150+ Craft & Import Beers from over 75 Top Breweries
* Commemorative Festival Glass
* Live Entertainment
* Craft Beer Seminars by renowned experts
* Special Guest Speakers including multiple Craft Beer Legends
* Gray Cloud Cigar Lounge with Cigar and Beer Pairing Experts
* Homebrew Exhibitors
* Fun and Hilarious Games and Exhibitors
* Free soda and water

Tickets are either $45 for General or $60 for VIP. The event is from 1pm to 4pm but the VIP tickets get you in 1 hour early at noon. You also get to participate in a “beer appreciation” session with a beer expert.

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1. Try and arrive early. It’s a bit off the beaten path and it’s easy to miss the sign to turn off Santiago Canyon road. Trust me, I’ve done it. If you are coming from the 241 or Jamboree, it’s on the left after the lake entrance…so slow down and watch for it!

2. Eat a carb-heavy breakfast and be sure to drink a lot of water during the event. If you don’t prepare yourself for the event you are likely to get sauced fast and then you don’t really get to enjoy the experience.

3. Map out your “dream list” of beers or breweries you want to try and sweep those first. Many “releases” might be scheduled during the event so you want to be sure not to miss something amazing.

4. Wear sun screen and comfortable shoes. It’s an un-even grassy and dirt terrain so don’t be the chick who falls in heels. It’s hilarious and I’ll take your picture but I am sure those bruises and cuts will smart the next day. I am super pale so not getting burned is next to impossible, but if I forget the sunscreen it’s hell to pay. If you ask around most breweries will have some and will be happy to share.

5. Meet some new people! Strike-up conversations with some randoms, you just might make a new friend.

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