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Hey so y’all remember when I was talking about new breweries popping up all over the place? Well, here’s the info on another Orange County brewery opening soon (like this Sunday, Sept. 7th soon) this time in Huntington Beach, Four Sons Brewery! I had the opportunity to drop by whilst I was in HB with the husband and meet two of the “four sons” and chat a bit about beer and brewing.

Derek and Deven of Four Sons

Derek and Deven of Four Sons

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The assumptions are true, the brewery is named after the family which has four sons and own the brewery as a family. “We are a very close family and do almost everything together,” said Deven Dufresne (on of the four sons). “You must live close by,” I blurted…hoping to not come off too creepy. “Yeah, like five minutes down the road,” Deven casually responded. Good, didn’t freak him out. “We really wanted to open a place in Huntington because it’s our home and we love it here,” Deven continued as I sipped my delicious coconut amber beer. Their flagship and most well-known so far beer is their amber with coconut that has some of the most pronounced coconut flavors that I’ve ever had in a beer that manages to be so clean and drinkable.

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So, Sean (husband) and I love to chat with brewers about beer. Being homebrewers and professional lovers of craft beer we could talk about styles and ideas for hours. I spied a nitro tap handle and probed Deven for insight on what they anticipate on the nitro tap and then bounced around ideas of some unexpected nitro beers. Vanilla Bean Hef on Nitro anyone? Please and thank you.

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We also got to taste their raspberry blond which I almost didn’t want to try in fear the raspberry flavor would come from an extract or shortcut for flavor and my palate can sniff out an artificial fruit flavor a mile away. It tastes like chalky lipstick to me. My worries were dashed away the moment this beer touched my lips and my eyes grew wide…”you made this with actual raspberries?!” Deven laughed and said, “We used some 35 pounds of raspberries for this beer. It made quite a mess!” The blond was well-balanced and had a slight tart tang to it, which I had described out loud and commented about how beautiful the hue was. “We added some hibiscus to enhance the color and add a little more flavor complexity,” Deven said while nodded enthusiastically. Yessss…more hibiscus beers!!

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The taproom wasn’t super huge but it had a nice homey vibe and some cool design aesthetics. Apparently they are already thinking of expanding to the crossfit place next door. I feel like this is a trend lately so all you breweries who are in the planning stages, think big because expansion is almost always what happens as long as your beer is good and you have loyal customers. Come by and check them out this weekend, they will be at OC Brew Ha Ha on Saturday and Sunday is their Grand Opening!

18421 Gothard St., Ste. 100
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Hours of Operation:
Monday: 4-9pm
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: 4-9pm
Thursday: 4-9pm
Friday: 12-10pm
Saturday: 12-10pm
Sunday: 12-8pm

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Sean giving me the stink eye

Sean giving me the stink eye