FO Dinner 2016

This is my second year attending Bottle Logic’s Fundamental Observation beer dinner to celebrate the bottle release of one of OC’s most infamous stouts. The beer geek and bottle trade enthusiast salivate over the chance to score a few bottles every year, and the beer dinner is a mellow opportunity to get bottles in advance of the online or local line madness.

FO Dinner 2016-3FO Dinner 2016-20

Upon being seated, I noted that my table consisted of Brandon Buckner, his better half Christina, Greg “pancake” Nagel, Cody Storts, and of course my wonderful husband Sean McNew. Rowdiness and revelry was sure to ensue as the beer flowed generously with each course.

FO Dinner 2016-7

First Course: Hamachi – Melon agua chile, avocado, pickled watermelon rind. Served with: Set to Stun Variant (IPA with Melons).

FO Dinner 2016-5

Second Course: Stone Fruit Salad – Ricotta, honeycomb, pistachio. Served with: Berlinear Equation with Stone Fruit.

FO Dinner 2016-8

Third Course: Lobster – english pea vichyssoise, pickled kumquat, sumac. Served with Haze Flux (double IPA).

FO Dinner 2016-9

Fourth Course: Beef Cheek – Heirloom bean ragout, baltic porter demi glace, herb crumble. Served with: Cobaltic Porter & Bourbon Barrel Aged Cobaltic Porter.

FO Dinner 2016-13

Fifth Course: Chocolate Torchon – Foie gras, espresso, Mt. Rainer cheeries. Served with Fundamental Observation 2016 with Mostra Coffee.

FO Dinner 2016-14

Cheese Plate: Humboldt fog, Midnight moon, and aged cheddar. Served with Fundamental Observation 2016.

FO Dinner 2016-15

Just for shits and giggles, we really finished the evening with a taster glass of Fundamental Forces  and chocolate covered hard brittle candy. (not pictured was the candy, because I ate it too fast)

FO Dinner 2016-23

I had a lot of fun. The chocolate torchon was really decadent, I almost wish it was a chocolate cake instead of a fatty foie gras but I appreciate the thought behind it. I also wish the cheese was served with a more carbonated beer that would help balance the fattiness of the cheese like a saison or Belgian beer instead of FO, but I also get that’s where the dinner was going so I get serving that beer at that point. I really liked the brittle at the end – I need more of that in my life! Crunchy and salty with dark chocolate is all I really want at the end of a meal. Thanks to Chef Patrick for making a great meal for all of us beer and food enthusiasts.

FO Dinner 2016-11FO Dinner 2016-19FO Dinner 2016-12FO Dinner 2016-6

The service was well organized, the dinner was timely, and everyone left full and happy (thanks Lindsey!). Dinners like these are a labor of love, and a lot of time and effort and work goes into them. I think anyone who does them should be applauded, and as a attendee I appreciate all the efforts made by everyone involved. Check out my buddy Greg’s write up on the event if you haven’t already!

PS – I hope Bottle Logic wasn’t planning on doing anything with those cute turquoise clothes pins because we did some weird stuff with them after all that beer.

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