2nd Annual OC Brew Ha Ha Recap

Saturday, September 10th 2011 started out strange. I woke to the rumble of thunder and then loud crashing noises that turned out to be nickel-sized hail beating my patio cover. Rain, hail, thunder?! These things don’t happen in Orange County! Okay, maybe they do but not very often. Determined not to miss my first OC Brew Ha Ha experience, my fiancé Sean and I armed ourselves with sensible jackets made it down to Irvine for the event.

In attendance were over 60 different breweries with all the proceeds to benefit the Fallen Fire Fighters Relief Fund.  This being only the second annual OC Brew Ha Ha, it was still my first time going so needless to say I was anxious to see how the event was managed. There was a line for everyone to obtain their commemorative glass (I do like that it was a full-sized pint glass and not a taster glass) and tabbed wristband for the tasters. I was able to receive a press pass and they gave me three (yes, three) wristbands with my glass.

The event was nicely spread out with lots of seating and food. I immediately ran intoStephen Johnson and John Holzer of New Brew Thursday and then ran off to get my first taster before it got crowded.

I tried some amazing beers, and excitedly I have discovered a new brewery that I must visit because their beer was ridiculously good. I already knew about Iron Fist Brewing Co.but haven’t really had many chances to sample their beer. Velvet Glove (9% ABV, 93 points on ratebeer.com) was so mind-blowing I have already had dreams about it. I must have more.

Other notable beers were Feeding Frenzy (8.5% ABV, 93 points) by Port Brewing Company, which had a nice balance of malty flavors with a strong hop flavor. Taco Asylum’s booth had Matilda (7% ABV, 96 points) by Goose Island which was a nice change of pace. Matilda was light and farmhouse style with a hint of spice. I enjoyed visiting my local brewery tents like Old Orange Brewing CoNoble Ale WorksThe Bruery,CismontaneBootlegger’s, and Newport Beach Brew Co. One I didn’t get to try wasButcher’s Brewing which had a super-long line. They have been added to my list of must-try breweries.

Then craziness ensued when I headed over for the festival within a festival known as Beer Geek Island…which was literally on an island in the middle of the lake inside the event.OC Beer Society was hosting the event, which was a bottle share between known beer enthusiasts via Facebook evite. I was lucky enough to hang out with Derek Bougie (head brewer at Newport Beach Brew Co.) and his wife Patty (aka @ocbrewerswife), “Dr.” Bill Sysak of Stone Brewing Co. and New Brew Thursday, John Holzer & Stephen Johnson of New Brew Thursday, Dawn Muehl of Port Brewing Co./Lost Abbey. Needless to say, ridiculousness ensued and lots of rare and amazing beers were had.

Some of the beers I had on Beer Geek Island were incredible. The Cigar City 110K+OT Batch #4 Imperial Red Ale was so good all I wrote was simply…wow. I was also lucky enough to have Bourbon Barrel Aged Santa’s Little Helper by Port Brewing Company thanks to Dawn which was incredible. The bourbon smell and taste was prominent but who said that’s a bad thing?!

Sadly I missed the speeches by the beer experts. I was utterly lost on the details and failed to determine the times for the Cicerone presentations by Dr. Bill, Ed Heethuis of Strab Distributing, Jarred Dooley previously of The Burery now of The Playground, Jon Porter of Tustin Brewing Company, and Jace Milstead of Firestone Walker Brewing. Not a mistake that I plan to make twice! I highly recommend everyone go next year and I hope to see you there!

Stone Brewing Co.’s 15th Anniversary VIP Section: Worth Every Penny

Stone Brewing Co. celebrated their 15th Anniversary on August 20th at Cal State San Marcos and I was fortunate enough to have two VIP section tickets for me and my fiancé, Sean. The weather was hot and sunny, which made for a beautiful afternoon. The event was split into two sections: general admission (sessions A & B), and the VIP.

Being wide-eyed and overly excited, I ran into the general section before I even noticed the VIP arrows in the upstairs meadow. Happily, I was able to pre-order the new book The Craft of Stone Brewing Company: Liquid Lore, Epic Recipes, and Unabashed Arrogancefrom Warwick’s (a local book store) in the main event which meant I was able to purchase 1 bottle of the following choices: 2010 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine Aged in Bourbon Barrels, 2010 Stone Old Guardian BELGO Barley Wine Aged in Bourbon Barrels or 2010 Stone Old Guardian BELGO Barley Wine Aged in Wine Barrels. We ordered three books so we could get three bottles- one of each. Can you tell I am a fan of Stone?

When we finally found our way out of the madness that was the session A crowd, we found the VIP section to be open and comfortable with no crazy crowds. I am not a crowd person so having the space to roam in between the two booths for rare beer and talk to fellow beer geeks was completely worth the extra ticket prices. I had a great time talking to John Holzer and Stephen Johnson of New Brew Thursday and Patrick Rue, CEO and Founder of The Bruery. “Dr.” Bill is always so fun to hang out with, but I am convinced he is a secret ninja because every time I spotted him he would disappear again way too quickly.

Included were only ten tasters out of a choice of 47 different rare beers… how could I make these types of choices?!

The nice thing about having too many good beers to choose from is you are very unlikely to get a bad beer. At the least, you might give something three stars on Untappd.com, which is still pretty damn great.  Here are some of the highlights from what I tasted:

15th Anniversary Escondidian Imperial Black IPA by Stone Brewing Co.: “Hoppy Amazingness black IPA with a chocolate-brown head.” ABV: 10.8, 100 IBU’s. We drove over to Stone Brewing Co. after the Anniversary event and bought a case of this…that should tell you how damn good this is.

12th Anniversary Bitter Oatmeal Chocolate Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels by Stone Brewing Co.: “Great sting of bourbon with a sweet forgiveness of chocolate creaminess.” ABV: 9.6%

Ballast Point Habanero Sculpin Ale by Ballast Point: “What?! Even the head is spicy!? This beer poured with a huge head and was way too spicy for me. The beer still had really good flavor.” ABV: 7%.

SKA Local Series #12 Merlot Stout by SKA Brewing: “Really smooth stout with flavors of coffee and slight hops.” ABV: 9.6%. This helped a lot with my Sculpin burn.

AleSmith/ Mikkeller/ Stone Belgian Style Triple Ale: “Amazing Triple, fruity and spicy and light. But, of course, Mikkeller seems incapable of making bad beer so I expected as much!” ABV: 8.7%.

Double Bastard (2005) by Stone Brewing Co.:  “Fantasmic! This beer pours amber red with a sweet forefront and a hoppy background. I could sit around and drink this one all day long.” ABV: 11.2%

Stone Brewing Co.’s proceeds go to worthy non-profits such as: The Boys & Girls Club of San MarcosThe Palomar Family YMCAThe Surfrider Foundation, and Fight ALD(Sawyer’s Triple also benefits this charity) . Maybe I just like that I can tell my mom that I am going to a charity event instead of a beer event! It’s really admirable the charity work that Stone Brewing Co. does, and, to me, it just makes the beer taste even better. Cheers to 15 more years of fantastic beer from Stone Brewing Co.!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Anaheim Brewery

Anaheim Brewery wants to make beer for the local community, plain and simple. They aim to be an uncomplicated, straight-forward place to have great beer for people who want just that. Located in Anaheim’s Historic District, the tap room is rich with charm. The building is from the 1920’s and the vintage wooden bar paired with the seriously cool wooden stools makes for a fun and inviting place to sit enjoy the afternoon.


I had the pleasure of going to Anaheim Brewery on a sunny Sunday afternoon and was pleasantly greeted by Brittany, a server, as we walked in the door. She came over and promptly helped us order some tasters. The tasters came with a delightful glass that you could take home and quaint wooden retro coins to cash-in for your next beer.  I loved the overall vintage feel of the tasting room and the big windows that peered into the brewery behind the bar.


The beer was effortless yet delicious. The flagship beers are: Anaheim Gold (4.5% ABV), Anaheim Hefeweizen, Anaheim Red, and the Anaheim 1888 (5.5% ABV). The Gold is a deep golden color that is very drinkable and has a slightly sweet aftertaste. The Hefeweizen pours clearer than expected and has a banana bread flavor. The Red has great color and a fantastic, almost smoky quality. The 1888 is a beer created to honor the style of beer brewed back at the original Anaheim Brewery in 1880’s. It’s a copper-colored more hoppy lager that is simply a good beer. I also got to try the Anaheim Tavern Ale (6.5% ABV) which was brewed for the grand opening a few weeks ago, which was also very good.


I did get a chance to meet Barbara and Greg Gerovac and have a private mini-tour of the brewery. They had previously brewed professionally in North Virginia and now opened the brewery in Anaheim. In retrospect after tasting their beer, I should have guessed that they lived in Germany for several years. The quality and undertone of the beer screams Germany for me. Overall I left happy with the coolest growler to add to my collection. The growlers are $20 and your first fill is $5 with the next fills being $15 each.


There are exciting plans for the open spaces around the brewery. Umami Burger will be opening a restaurant in the connected space next to the brewery. The owners of The Lab andThe Camp in Costa Mesa purchased the land and has grand plans for an outdoor neighborhood market and things like: outdoor movies, concerts, retail shops, seasonal family activities, etc. The Anaheim Brewery is the first business to officially open the revamping of the Historic District and shows lots of promise for an amazing addition to the city of Anaheim. Hope to see everyone there!

A Visit to Old Orange Brewing

When Newport Beach Brewing Company’s Derek Bougie told me there was a new brewery opening in Orange I was excited to have a new place to visit right in my backyard. Shocked that I hadn’t heard about it, I trolled the internet for some research to find OC Register had written an article about their grand opening here and decided I needed to stop by.


They are located right across the street from Santiago Canyon College’s Education Center off Batavia Street in Orange, CA in a nondescript business park. They have a small sign out front, and a relaxed atmosphere inside. There is tables and chairs for people to sit and taste their beer as well as a club-reminiscent lighted bar in the center of the room. I did like the fact that the bar was curved so you are more invited to talk to your neighbor than you would at a standard straight shaped bar.


The beers were way better than I had expected. There was only 3 different kinds on tap: Steet Fair Kolsch-Stle Ale (4.5% ABV), Old Dummy American Strong Ale (9.3% ABV), and Cannon Ball IPA (7.0% ABV). I got the tasters so I could try everything and I noted that the beers in general were exceptional. The Street Fair beer was clean and light, perfect for the summer. My favorite was the Cannon Ball IPA which had a nice hop flavor with a hint of grapefruit and citrus. The Old Dummy was a close second with its striking red color.


The most interesting thing was how clear the beers were. I said that to Co-Owner Jerry Nine who was bartending and he said that the system they purchased makes exceptionally clear beer. They eventually plan on having more beers on tap, and I can’t wait to see what they make next.


Overall, OOB is off to a great start. Nine said they have been packed on Fridays and Saturdays with lines out the door. I was lucky to stop by late in the day on Sunday when there was a smaller crowd and I had a chance to chat and hang out. I will be back soon, and next time I will get a growler fill.


Check out their Facebook page here!

Baking with Beer: Stone Brewing Company’s Sublimely Self-Righteous Currant Shortbread Cookies

It’s been a long time coming. I have wanted to bake cookies with Stone Brewing Company’s Sublimely Self-Righteous for some time now, because it’s just so awesome. It’s a blacker-than-black IPA that is highly regarded around this house, and it goes without saying that it’s one of my favorite all-time beers. SRS is 8.7% ABV and pulls a 100 rating on ratebeer.com with over 1,300 reviews. This is not the beer that most would think to use for a cookie, because it’s an IPA and the flavors are very assertive and might overpower the subtitles of the shortbread flavor. I had faith. The combination of the citrus and roasted flavors really make for something special.



1/2 cup of Stone’s Sublimely Self-Righteous Beer

1 cup currants

1 cup (2 sticks) butter at room temp.

3/4 cups of powdered sugar

1/2 teaspoon of orange zest (or grapefruit zest)

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon coarse salt (I used my vanilla sea salt)

1 cup cacao nibs (optional)




1. Combine the beer and currants in a airtight container and store in the fridge overnight.

2. Drain the currants reserving the beer.

3. Put the butter, sugar and zest in a mixer with the paddle attachment and beat together until creamy (2-3 mins). Add the vanilla and reserved beer. Scrape down the sides as needed. Add the flour, and salt and beat for another three minutes. Take off the mixer and stir in the currants and cacao nibs (optional). Divide the dough in half and roll into a log in parchment paper and put it in the freezer for at least 30 mins or long enough to get stiff.

4. Cut about 1/2 inch thick rounds off and put them on parchment-lined baking sheets. Heat your oven to 325° F and place your rounds about 1 inch apart. Bake for 20 minutes or so, rotating once half-way through. The cookies should be gold around the edges. Transfer to wire racks to cool and store in any container.

I have to say, they turned out good. The batter taste was super tangy-tart-funky but the finished product is delicate and intriguing. I haven’t made these before so I always enjoy when a risk pays off. It’s a nice juxtaposition between the soft and buttery shortbread, crunchy cacao nibs, and tart and slightly hoppy currants.

I have one thing to add. I don’t put my cookies in airtight containers. They will make your cookies soft and no longer have that wonderful taste they did the same day you baked them. I strongly recommend that you use a ventilated container and do not mix and match your cookies.

Now, I still have three out of four logs of these cookies in my freezer (I made a double batch) and I can’t decide if it would be creepy to send them to some of my social media pals. I don’t know how I would feel opening a box and finding cookies…would you eat them? I’m looking at you New Brew Thursday.

Cismontane Brewery Visit: Everybody Needs To Come Here

I walked-in to find a quaint tap room with nice amount of seating and I took a seat at the bar. The guy behind the counter was welcoming and offered me some tasters. I had the Citizen and Coulter IPA which were delightful. The Coulter IPA was nice and hoppy without being bitter and it was expertly poured with a nice head. I also tried the Black’s Dawn which I have had before but it’s such an amazing beer I couldn’t help but have it again. It’s a smooth coffee stout which has a medium brown head and at 8%ABV it beer with no real alcohol burn. Not necessarily the lightest of beers, but if you go and visit it’s a must-have because it’s incredible.
Visiting breweries are so much fun but what makes it even better is having someone who is a beer enthusiast who works there. The guy behind the counter (I didn’t get his name) was so nice and me and Sean chatted to him about beer and beer events and breweries for a while. Then, to my delight, one of the owners came in and I got to chat with him for a few minutes. Everyone who I have talked to at Cismontane has been very warm and inviting which just adds to the experience. One of my biggest pet peeves is going to a brewery or bar and having a stuck-up hipster behind the counter who just thinks they’re better than the world. Thanks Cismontane for the lovely afternoon.
They are having an event on Saturday from 12-8pm where they will be releasing their Double Coulter IPA or “Dos Cone Es” which is an 11.5ABV 140 IBU monster. I would like to think I influenced them to make this beer after gushing about how much I love IPA’s to one of the owners but I am pretty sure that they had to brew this beer way before I visited. They only have a few hundred gallons of it so it will be going fast! I will be there with bells.. or maybe just a growler because my Black’s Dawn is almost gone. Hope to see you all there!

OC Beerfest 2011 at Irvine Lake Recap

I was surprised and curious about Evans since they were not there last year and they had a photo wall with a very-scantily clad model posing with people. They also had some very amusing jumbo-sized Evan’s bottle mascots dancing (yes people were paid to wear giant beer suits) around the event. We went there for our first taster of the event. Here was what I wrote on my notepad: German style lager, tastes just like bud light. The representative at the tent said they are a new brewery based in Yorba Linda and they are only 5 months old. Visiting their website tells me that they will have other offerings, which I am excited to try. My verdict on Evan’s Lager is: eh. I would pass on this just because I prefer more bang for my buck. I must also note that I am not a fan of the beer models concept either. I makes me feel like they are treating me like I am stupid consumer and your hot models will make me want your beer (similar to the big beer companies … cough cough).
On to more notable tastings: Magic Hat. If you are a friend of mine, you will know how interested I became in Magic Hat Brewing Company after the first time I tried their #9 (4.6ABV% 51/100 ratebeer.com) fruit-style beer at last year at the 2010 OC Beerfest. They don’t distribute in orange county, and you can only get them at the Yard House in Irvine Spectrum. How sad, because this lovely light-apricot is fantastic. Of course I visited Stone Brewing Company’s booth because I am a crazy fan. Seriously, like Beatles-fans from the 1960’s crazy. Ok, maybe not that insane, but infatuated none-the-less. I was stunned to see that they were serving Highway 78! It’s a dark scotch ale that’s 8.8%ABV (94 ratebeer.com) collaboration between Stone, Green Flash and Pizza Port. It’s amazing and complex. In my mind was a bit dominating compared to all the other beers I tried.
I was excited to see Taco Asylum and Haven Gastropub had booths there as well although I didn’t really care for the Eel River Acai Berry Wheat (4.4%ABV 22/100 ratebeer.com) that I had because it tasted like berry jam. I did like the Eel River IPA that they also had..I noted that it was pretty decent. The Left Coast Trestles IPA (6%ABV 82/100 ratebeer.com) was light and clean and pleasantly hoppy, one that I will have to investigate more. There was a rice-style beer from a Korean brewery called Kooksoondang was interesting. It was milky-looking and sweet (my friends said it tastes like jicama) and slightly carbonated. I wasn’t a fan (didn’t taste like beer at all!!) but my friends were impressed.
Lastly was Bootleggers, Cismontane, The Bruery and Deschutes. Bootleggers, I am so sorry. I have been dragging my feet and neglecting to visit you eventhough you are so close to my house. Well, no more! I tried the Black Phoenix (6.7%ABV 94/100 ratebeer.com) and it was epic. Even though I had so much beer and visited your booth at the second to last tasting it still stood-out and was so interesting. The flavors of this stout was complex and I could really taste the chipotle pepper and coffee. Cismontane has an amazing coffee stout that is a must-try! The Bruery had their Trade Winds Triple (8%ABV 95/100 ratebeer.com) and Saison De Lente of which I had the Trade Winds. The Thai-inspired saison is “yummy” according to my Michelle and with flavors of rice and basil, I agree. Deschutes had an amazing IPA on tap, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was called. I did however take a lovely photo of the guys working there.
In short, an amazing day of fun was had. Thanks for all the memories! Oh, and the ridiculously awesome photos that resulted.

Mikkeller’s Beer Geek Breakfast Chocolate Crackle Cookies

8 oz. bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped then melted.
1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup unsweetened dutch process cocoa powder
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon coarse salt (like sea salt)
1 stick of unsalted butter – room temp. (or melted!)
1 1/2 cup packed light brown sugar
2 large eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/3 cup whole milk
1/3 cup Mikkeller’s Beer Geek Breakfast
(For the rolling before baking – not the batter!)
1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup confectioners sugar

1. Melt chocolate and set aside to cool. Sift together flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt into a bowl (i just whisk because the sea salt gets stuck).

2. With an electric mixer with the paddle attachment, beat butter and brown sugar on medium speed until pale and fluffy. Mix in eggs and vanilla and then the melted chocolate. Reduce the speed to low and mix in the flour mixture in two batches alternating with the milk. Then add the beer. Divide dough into three or four equal pieces and wrap them in plastic wrap and refrigerate until firm (2 hours to overnight).

3. Preheat oven to 350F and divide each piece into sixteen 1 inch balls. Roll in the granulated sugar and then the powdered sugar and place on a baking sheet with parchment paper. About 2 inches apart because they will spread.

4. Bake until the surfaces crack, about 14 minutes. Rotate the sheets halfway through. Let cool on wire racks. Cookies can be stored for up to 3 days.

I like to add some extra spice to the flour mixture like spicy cayenne pepper and cinnamon. They really have a fantastic warming effect on the cookie. That is up to the baker though. I personally added some pumpkin pie spice and grated nutmeg and a tiny bit of cayenne.


Naja’s Place 3rd Annual IPA Fest Recap

Sean and I went to Naja’s Place for their 3rd Annual IPA Festival in Redondo Beach, CA on Saturday and I have mixed feelings about the experience. I LOVE IPA’s and I was really excited that they were serving 70 different IPA’s on tap. There was some major line issues when there was only two bartenders serving the whole place from one single-file line.
The beer was pretty amazing. I had the Avery Maharaja Imperial IPA (10.54% ABV 102 IBU’s) which pours an amber/gold color white head. I am surprised how subtle the IPA was and it just hits you a little in the back of your throat. I tasted a bit of grapefruit and orange honey which makes the hoppyness of this beer sneak-up on you. Sean had the Hair of the Dog Blue Dot Double IPA (7% ABV and 80 IBU’s) which was gold with a white head with heavy lacing. It had a corn-taste to it with a nice mellow-hops finish. I liked both of these very much. The Avery was more of my style.
We also had the Stone Ruination Double Dry Hopped IPA (7.7% ABV with over 100 IBU’s) which was fantastic, but I have come to expect as much from Stone. It pours gold with a white head and has a great mouthfeel. It does what I wanted all day, it was so hoppy it gave me a bit of a dry-mouth. It tasted of grapefruit and hops, and was incredibly light considering how strong it finished. I would drink this all the time. Sean had the Strand Black IPA (7.8% ABV with 85 IBU’s) which was insanely dark with a white head. I said it’s like “a chocolate-coffee ice cream beer” with hops. It was pretty amazing stuff. Not the beer to drink before dinner! Lastly, I had the Mad River Steelhead Double IPA (8.6% ABV ?IBU’s) which was a cloudy-orange color with little white head. This was a bit on the sweet-side for me but it tasted clean and not overly-complex.
Anyways, besides the line issues the people in there were creepy. There was a group who wouldn’t stop talking about condoms and Viagra next to us and I watched some guy smell another girls hair…that wasn’t in her group of friends. I politely asked her if she knew those guys after they walked away and she said no. I told her she might want to stay away from those guys and she was very grateful and thanked me. Super creepy.

Stone Brewing Company’s Oakquinox – April 17th, 2011 10am to 6pm

It felt like Christmas Eve the night before Oakquinox, and my sleep was just as restless in anticipation. Upon arrival we received these modified bracelets that had 15 tabs on them which were to be torn off after every 3oz. tasting. We also received our 4oz commemorative glass and a t-shirt for about $50 each. I had also spotted the Deschutes woody in the parking lot!

The event was so well organized it was impressive. Stone’s always busy, but they were really packed on this Sunday. We asked “Dr.” Bill Sysak how many tickets were sold and he said, “There were about 800 tickets sold and 50 more for media.” That’s a lot to add to the standard crowd at Stone! He said they also have the sour fest and I added that they have quite a few sour beers on the Oakquinox list and he said “sours were brought in to balance-out the heavy.” I am not a huge fan of sour beers but I have become more open to them recently and really enjoyed a few of them!

They broke-down the event into A, B, C and D sections. The C section was the outside bar which was separated into draft and bottles. The C bottle line was ridiculously-long (but unfortunately that’s where a lot of the beers I wanted to try was) but the A and B sections were down on the lawn and had virtually no wait. The D section was where the food was and probably the best pretzel I have ever had. Seriously, the best. It was really crunchy and warm and the whole-grain mustard sauce was a great accompaniment. It reminded me of the outside of a corndog so maybe that’s why I loved it so much?

Down to the beer! Between me and my boyfriend Sean, good friends Rooney, Nick and Lauren we tasted a lot of the beer on the list. Basically we tried all the beer on A and B list. One of the stand-outs was the Ballast Point Navigator Dopplebock in Brandy Barrels (10%ABV) which was very complex. Rooney said, “It’s like a rollercoaster, it drops and rises and then drops again and you’re still having fun.” It was brown in color, with a light head, with a malty caramel hoppy flavor which just hits all over the pallet. Another special one was the Great Divide 17th Anniversary Wood Aged Double IPA (10%ABV) which was dubbed the “springtime in the forest” beer by me. It was woody yet light with a nice hops flavor (apparently on other non-IPA obsessed palates thought it was very hoppy) with a citrus and barley undertone.

A few other notable beers were the Alvinne Melchior 2009 (11.5%ABV) which had a citrus-almond-marzipan flavor and smelled like freshly-baked pastries. This was supposed to taste like mustard seeds but I didn’t get that taste at all. I would defiantly like to have that one again. The Big Sky Ivan the Terrible Imperial Stout 2010 (10%ABV) was fantastic dark beer with vanilla and agave smells permeating the air. One more notable beer was the Eagle Rock Populist IPA in Spanish Cedar (7%ABV) which was a very nice IPA. It was an easy-to-drink lovely break from the heavy overload of the day. I am excited for all Eagle Rock has to offer. A few not-so-great beers we had were the Ladyface Chardonnay Oude Blonde which tasted like watery apple cider and the Moylan’s Kilt Lifter in Apple Brandy Barrels which was sweet and watery green apple taste. All in all, it was a fantastic day at one of my favorite breweries, and the clock is counting down until next year!