OC Brew Ha Ha doesn’t disappoint. The beer festival is well organized, thoughtfully spread-out, and well stocked for your beer-tasting experience. The location changed from last year to a location close to Irvine Lake, which is closer to my house so…yay! Also, it was way more spacious, which allowed for more visibility of each tent so guessing wasn’t required.


I was happy to find a wide variety of breweries represented. There was LA Breweries, OC Breweries, Inland Empire Breweries, San Diego Breweries and even a few surprises like Epic Brewing Company from Utah. I got to try some breweries I haven’t yet been able to like Ironfire, which I really enjoyed their stout. Another stand-out was Packinghouse’s IPA. It was strong and hoppy but had a wonderful aftertaste. It was really the perfect summer beer and really hit the spot considering it was really hot and a cold IPA is just magical.


Orange County Beer Society was hosting beer geek island again this year, only it wasn’t on an island like it was last year. It was a fenced-off area where people could sit in the shade and enjoy a bottle share with their friends and fellow beer lover. It was really mellow and relaxing. A serious thank you to OC Beer Society for arranging the bottle share, it was fantastic as always.


Besides getting to visit with beer buddies, and try new beers I loved the spirit of togetherness the event had. The crowd had a general happiness to contribute for a good cause, while doing something that you have a passion for. There really is nothing better than that. Also, congrats to Bootleggers on winning the Fan Choice award! 2nd year in a row!